Data Defined is a leading provider of Managed IT Services to small and midsize organizations. We help our customers leverage the power of information technology to achieve their goals by becoming their trusted IT ally.

Our Core Values

Our Commitment
To Our Customers


IT can be stressful, our staff understands this and is courteous and approachable​

Adaptable & Flexible

Your business is constantly evolving and changing. We have the ability to move and change with you​.


We strive to get it right the first time, if we missed something we will work to make it right​.


We do our best to provide accurate quotes, estimates and timelines for your projects. If we miss a target because of an issue or circumstance on our end we will work with you to get it right​.


While reboots can fix many issues, we don't stop there, ​we work hard to ensure we have completed a ticket or project fully and have researched the "why" to prevent the same issue again before it is closed. Detailed notes are also taken and entered into our systems for future reference.


Combining many years of expertise and design, we bring you the best value for your network without jeopardizing security, every time.

Problem Solvers

We take the time to explore all of the options to resolve an issue, we look at best practices, explore our many vendors if needed - we take the time to solve a problem so it will not occur again​.