IT Security

At Data Defined, you get one provider that manages all your IT services, drives results, and grows with your business. 


Data Defined's Security Suite

Through our portfolio of holistic IT security services, we utilize industry-leading measures to develop an extensive security strategy that includes network segmentation, systems implementations, testing, 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability, and patch management, as well as compliance audits to ensure your company doesn’t face a crippling threat event.

Security Suite

Data Defined's Security Suite allows you to instantly add the security layers that are the right fit for your business

We can offer continuous monitoring and analysis of network activity to quickly respond to threats. We manage security solutions such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and detection systems to protect against malware and cyber threats. Regular data backups and disaster recovery services ensure that businesses can recover quickly from security breaches or system failures. Overall, our services provide proactive protection to minimize the risk of security breaches and keep your data and operations secure.

EndPoint Protection

ID Protection